You Can’t Keep A Good Spirit Down: ‘Ghost Trick’ Has Been Updated

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Sissel, buddy, you have got to make up your mind. You’re here, you’re not here, you’re alive, you’re dead, you’re on the sofa, you’re off the sofa… seriously. Well, it’s been a long road, friends, but Capcom’s amazing adventure game Ghost Trick (Free) is back on the App Store, available for anyone to purchase. Better still, it’s been updated. Best of all, this update actually works! I even went and tested it myself this time just to be sure. I was able to restore my purchased chapters and play the game with no problems.

This is a somewhat monumental update, as the game has been non-functional in some form or another for over a year. It was pulled from the App Store earlier this year after a botched attempt at fixing it broke it even more, and was actually the canary in the cage for all that weird business with apps disappearing from purchase histories a month or so ago. But it’s back now, and ready to be enjoyed by fans young and old. You can check out our review on the game to see if you’re interested in playing it, but I’ll go out of line here and say that the game is not to be missed, no matter what those stars say. It’s one of the finest adventure games to ever come out of Japan.

Of course, Capcom has always maintained they would update this game when pressed on it. What’s unknown is if they plan to update any of their other popular apps, including the now-departed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. At the very least, with Ghost Trick healthy again, we’ve got one less request to make.

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