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The First Trailer for ‘Eden”, the Upcoming Multiplayer Survival RPG, Looks Very Nice

When I wrote a few weeks ago about The Last Kind’s Eden, an upcoming survival RPG game with a strong social element (not the Clash of Clans kind of social element), many of you seemed to like what you saw. Now, we have the first trailer for the game, and for a game this early in development, it’s looking good. To refresh your memory, the game is set in a fantasy world where you have to prevail against all the dangers you’ll face, build and craft to survive, as well as level up as you go along (you can even build your own skill tree, apparently). You can join Guilds within the game, with each member having his or her own specialization. Together, you’ll be able to build a city, participate in co-op adventures, and decide whether to take over other Guilds as vassals.

As you can see from the trailer above, the game’s visual style continues to be cartoonish in a lovely way, and I like how bright it is because I’m tired of developers often equating fantasy with a dark palette. The developers have worked in companies like Gameloft, Zynga, EA, etc in the past, so they should know their stuff. Their website does the right kind of name-dropping (Day Z, Don’t Starve, Rust), so they obviously know the competition. They even mention Russian Director Andrei Tarkovski, who’s one of my favorites, so in my eyes, that’s a plus. Check out their 7 reasons for creating the game, which should give you an idea of where The Last Kind is coming from. The game is still early in development, so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon, but it’s definitely moving up the ladder in my games I should watch out for list. I think it will be a premium title, but not sure about that yet.