TouchArcade Deals: Extensive Unity 5 Developer Course for $35

883db04ff60211cf968ec067fff837efb18d07da_main_hero_imageAre you bummed you’re too old to go trick or treating this weekend, and are looking for something else to do with your time that might be waaaayyyy more lucrative than collecting free candy? Well, check out the Unity 5 developer course we’re offering over at TouchArcade Deals. The various e-Learning stuff we’ve done has been shockingly popular, with loads of people leaving positive feedback. In this particular instance, you’ll get 49 hours of content spread across 278 different lectures that will cover everything you need to know to get started in making Unity games, with no prior knowledge required.

Who knows, maybe you’ll make the next Crossy Road (Free)… Or something else cooler. Heck, you don’t even really need to be a great artist if you’ve got a cool game idea cooking around in your head. Dream Quest ($2.99), for instance, looks like it was thrown together in about 10 minutes in MS Paint but is so good the developer eventually went on to work on Hearthstone (Free). All that start with just learning how to use whatever development environment. Unity works with everything, so, if I were going to make a game, it’s what I’d use. …Which brings us back to the $35 e-Learning course we’re offering! Definitely give it a look if you’ve ever been curious about making your own games.