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The ‘FNAF World’ Teaser is Out Now, and It’s Not What You’d Expect from a ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ RPG

Scott Cawthon seemed to be making a radical departure from his uber-popular Five Nights at Freddy’s ($2.99) franchise with the announcement of FNAF World, an RPG based on the FNAF characters. And that was before we knew anything about it! Now, Scott Cawthon has just released a FNAF World teaser, and, well, you need to see it to believe it:

I don’t know if that’s what anyone was expecting from FNAF World. Cute, heroic versions of the FNAF characters? This seems very interesting. Heck, I’m suddenly very interested in this. And it seems as if every single character in the series is going to be in this game. Maybe even Purple Guy?! Wow. Stay tuned for more on this one, expected to hit next year. And I’d probably get some popcorn ready and keep an eye on r/fivenightsatfreddys, because this could be a fun weekend full of FNAF fans freaking out.