This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is Webspinners (Again), But it Wasn’t Always

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Hearthstone (Free) had some issues today with its Tavern Brawl, which isn’t that rare an event. Originally, this week’s Brawl was supposed to be Captain Blackheart’s Treasure, a reference to a Heroes of the Storm NPC apparently. In this Brawl, you would select one of three random cards to add to your hand each turn. The brawl had premade decks, so you can imagine what kind of RNG fun would have ensued. However, once the Brawl went live, players encountered a bug where the game would search for an opponent for ever, so Blizzard had to quickly pull it down and replace it with another one. We’ve been having too many Brawl bugs recently, and I wonder why that’s the case. As for this specific issue, maybe Blizzard’s eye is on Blizzcon rather than anything else, which could explain the Brawl issues.

So, with Captain Blackheart’s Treasure gone, guess what we got? Yes, another repeat of one of the very early Brawls. This week’s Brawl is now officially Webspinners, the Brawl where you get a deck full of Webspinners and random spells from a class of your choice. So, not a bad Brawl (although some might disagree), and another perfect chance for all of the players to see more Hunter beasts; because, you know, the Ladder hasn’t had any Hunters ever since Patron Warrior went down. The Brawl is up, so go play it for the free deck if nothing else.

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