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‘Agent A: Puzzle in Disguise’ is a 1960’s Spy-Themed Point and Click Adventure Game

A slick-looking new point-and-click adventure game is headed to the App Store this week, entitled Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise. As the eponymous, James Bond-esque agent, you’re hunting down the dastardly Ruby La Rouge, who blows up a dang boat in the intro to the game. She’s not a cutesy villain, she’s a straight-up terrorist! A terrorist with a swanky home that you must infiltrate in order to bring her to justice, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing: tapping to examine objects, solve puzzles, and frantically using one item on another to advance further in Ruby’s house to bring her to justice.

Agent A releases this week on October 29th as a premium game, and based on what I’ve gotten to play, it’s a super-slick adventure game, with a gorgeously-done 1960’s spy aesthetic. Developer Yak and co promises 15 rooms with about 30 puzzles to solve. Keep an eye out for this one.