Here are Some Videos for Those Who Didn’t Make it to ‘Clash of Clans’ ‘ClashCon’

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I know that Clash of Clans (Free) ClashCon was way too far away for most of you and the vast majority of clashers didn’t manage to make the trip to Helsinki, Finland. Apparently, there were more than 1000 clashers at ClashCon, a tiny number compared to the global community and the dedicated players of the Clash of Clans. Reading about all the news that came out of ClashCon is one thing, but actually watching some video is another, so I tried to put together some videos from ClashCon to help you get the feel of the event even if you are thousands of miles away from Helsinki and a few timezones removed. Now, this isn’t of course an exhaustive list of ClashCon videos, but I tried to have a good variety.

The videos below include Supercell’s official announcement of the new update features, the Clan War Finals video, ‘backstage’ videos that show the various panels, and even the full ClashCon stream at the end of this story. I hope these videos help make up for missing out on this event (although nothing can make up for missing out on all the swag). Hopefully, the next ClashCon will be in a space big enough to fit many more. But for this year, here’s a taste of what went on.


The Making of ClashCon


ClashCon Activity Recap


ClashCon Workshop: War Strategy

ClashCon Workshop: Master the Magic

A Look Around ClashCon

Supercell Shows Off New Update

Clan War Finals: Sweden 1 Vs Glory China I

ClashCon Full Stream

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