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‘Asgard Run’ Combines Tube Running with Fantasy RPG, Soft-Launched in Canada

Developer Amused Sloth and publisher Ayopa Games are getting ready to release their take on the behind-the-back runner genre, called Asgard Run, into the world November 12th. Asgard Run adds a small wrinkle to the typical runner genre by making the surface you run on a tube, not totally unlike Proun+ (Free) or Unpossible ($1.99). It’s cool because most runners are limited to just a few lanes, but with the tube you have many more places to shift to while avoiding obstacles and collecting items. Check it out in the trailer.

As is pretty typical nowadays, Asgard Run has lots of different RPG elements woven into the mix. There’s a nice selection of playable characters, all of whom you can equip with different items and outfits you’ll earn through playing. There’s also a combat element, so rather than trying to avoid everything you’ll actually battle with enemies as you run. It all sounds very cool, and if you want to give Asgard Run a try for yourself and have access to a Canadian App Store account, you can grab it from the Canadian App Store with this link. Several people in our forums have given it a shot with positive things to say. For everyone else, look for the global release of Asgard Run November 12th.