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Beautiful Stop-Motion Point and Click Adventure ‘Lumino City’ Hits iOS Next Week

logoIt was in February of 2012 that State of Play Games ported their artful point-and-click adventure game Lume (Free) to iOS about a year following its launch on PC. Lume instantly stood out from similar titles due to the fact that its environments were built out of real life construction paper, cardboard and glue. The entire game had a classic stop-motion animation quality to it that was absolutely fantastic. Now the sequel, titled Lumino City, which similarly launched to critical acclaim on PC about a year ago, is heading to iOS next week.

We’ve known about Lumino City coming to iOS since way back in February of 2013, about a year after the original game’s release and right in the middle of production of the sequel. It had always been planned for desktop first with a mobile port coming sometime after, but I didn’t expect it to take a whole year! However, it sounds like State of Play has used that year to make significant enhancements to Lumino City to ensure it’s the best it can be on mobile. According to them, Lumino City “has been extensively optimised and overhauled for touch screen play, with larger text dynamically adapting to your preferred device, intuitive tap controls, multi-touch, and a host of other improvements. You can even share screenshots and video using Apple’s new ReplayKit."

It blows my mind to see the entire city State of Play Games crafted in order to create Lumino City, and if that sort of thing interests you there’s a lengthier behind-the-scenes video on YouTube which you should totally watch. We really adored the original Lume back in 2012, with its only real negative being its short length, clocking in at under an hour of gameplay. That shouldn’t be an issue with Lumino City though, as it should provide 8-10 hours of exploration and puzzle-solving for your $4.99 entrance fee. As a fan of Lume, I purposely avoided playing this on PC in anticipation of the iOS version, and I’m very happy that that moment is finally almost here.