The New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is Out – It’s a Hero Power Galore

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Another Wednesday, another Tavern Brawl, another RNG party. This week’s Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl’s called Who’s the Boss Now?, and in it you get help from the dungeon bosses. You build your own deck (which I’m not crazy about as you know), and then you follow most of the regular Hearthstone rules minus the Hero Power one. Instead of having your normal class Hero Power, in this Brawl you start with a random hero power and each time you use it, you get a new one. You can use your Hero Power more than one time per turn, so you can imagine all the crazy RNG combinations that can occur when you play 5 hero powers in a row. I have a feeling this Brawl will be more fun between friends because you can mess with each other after playing 4,5 different hero powers.

With the ability to play so many Hero powers per turn, you really should be adding Inspire cards to your deck, even if you haven’t used them ever before. Also, add any card that reduces the cost of your Hero Power. Overall, this Brawl doesn’t blow my mind, and from what I’ve seen around the internet so far, most people share my opinion. After learning that a Co-Op Brawl is coming, it’s hard to get too excited with Who’s the Boss Now?. Still, go get your free pack at least and enjoy the RNG-fest.


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