Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Series Concludes Nov. 17th, Episode 1 Goes Free to Celebrate

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Telltale has just announced that the sixth and last episode of its epic Game Of Thrones (Free) series will release Novemeber 17th, bringing the saga of the Forrester family to an end. Now, this is Westeros, so I expect the ending to be at least bittersweet and with plenty of bloodshed followed by a glimpse of victory just before you get a limb chopped off. I’ve been playing the series (I even did so on our Mobcrush channel), and I have to say that I’ve suffered some, well, strokes of bad luck that are perfectly in tune with the tone of the books, the TV show, and the game. As you can imagine, then, this Telltale series isn’t the happiest of the bunch, but who ventures into Westeros looking for a laugh?

In honor of the series concluding, Telltale has released a new cast interview and also dropped Episode 1 to free, also known as what a Stark’s life is worth. As you may well know, a Lannister always pays his debts, but with Episode 1 going free, that debt can be relatively smaller. The cast interview is entertaining and includes (of course) the Khaleesi among others. If you enjoy the show even a bit, this series is a no-brainer. And who knows, by the end of it maybe a few more Starks will meet an untimely end.

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