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‘Monster and Commander’ is the Next Game from the Developers of ‘Motor World: Car Factory’

Oh BiBi, the developers behind the fun Motor World: Car Factory (Free), a fun Tiny Tower (Free) esque game about managing a car factory that’s full of that pixel art I’m a sucker for, have announced that they’re coming out with a second game at last. While it’s eschewing that pixel art my “gamer raised on the NES and Genesis" heart loves, Monster and Commander is looking pretty neat:

And if you want a few minutes of uncut gameplay, here you go:

The game will have you assembling armies and fighting other players, while riding giant beasts into battle. Hey, I got nothing against fighting other people with armies and giant beasts. Plus, while there’s a ton of free-to-play games out there, I recall Motor World being fun without spending a lot of money in it, so I have hope for Monster and Commander. The developers are looking for feedback on the game from the community, check out the forum thread for more details.