Trump Responds to ‘Hearthstone’ Warsong Commander Nerf

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Yesterday we posted Senior Game Designer Ben Brode’s video where he explained the thought process behind the Warsong Commander nerf in Hearthstone (Free). Some pockets of the internet are still mad about this, but it seems like this kind of heart to heart with the playerbase goes a long way in diffusing unrest.

Shortly after that video went up, Trump (a professional Hearthstone player and streamer) posted a great response video analyzing this change. The interesting part of the video is the second half though, where he discusses where he sees the Hearthstone metagame going without Patron Warrior as a threat that players need to build decks around.

As Trump says, it’s pretty amazing that the nerfing of one card can shift up the metagame so much. We’re going to see a vastly different lineup of decks at Blizzcon, which I’m looking forward to way more now that the professional scene is going to be forced to bring decks that are something other than Patron Warrior and two other decks that are built around needing to be good against Patron Warrior.

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