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‘Football Clicker’ is the Next Ridiculous Clicker from the Creator of ‘CivCrafter’

Every time I think I’m done with clickers, one keeps pulling me back in. Now it’s Naquatic, who have decided to take the idle clicker to another ridiculous degree after they did some shenanigans with CivCrafter (Free) and then CivMiner (Free). Now, Football Clicker is their next upcoming clicker game, bringing the football experience to the clicker genre. Basically, you tap to kick footballs for points and money. You can then upgrade your team members, representing points per click and points per second, all in the name of getting more and more points. But the game is, natrually, structured around football, so every 7 days in game, you play a round against another player, getting matched up with them online, to try and beat them.

The whole football season structure and having to play opponents regularly makes a lot of sense with the concept., and it’s another clever clicker combination that I’m sure will get me hopelessly addicted and lost in it. And of course, there are clans in the game, known as teams here, where you can join up for football world domination. Expect this one soon, though there’s no set release date at the moment. Check out the forum thread for more!