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Upopa Games’ ‘Hopeless 2’ Features More Monster Shooting and Blob Saving, Now in Minecarts

Upopa Games are probably best known for their Hopeless games, with the most popular being Hopeless: The Dark Cave (Free), with a copule of spinoffs in Hopeless: Football Cup (Free) and Hopeless: Space Shooting (Free). These games have all had a similar genesis: you help a group of blobs in the center of the screen ward off invading enemies whether they be evil monsters or soccer balls, while not shooting the blobs that come in. Now, Upopa is expanding the concept out with Hopeless 2, and it’s scheduled to come out this month.

The idea for the sequel is that you’ll have to help blobs in a minecart, shooting enemies, but also affecting the path you take by shooting the scenery, avoiding trouble…or sending you faster into it. The new decision-making and reactions combined with the familiar tap-to-shoot gameplay should make for an interesting combo, along with the typical good production values of the Hopeless games, so keep an eye out for this one later this month.