Telltale’s ‘Tales From the Borderlands’ Season Finale Drops October 20th

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Telltale has been in the news a lot recently, hasn’t it? From the whole games are disappearing story to Minecraft: Story Mode coming out next week and Tales From the Borderlands (Free) Episode 1 going free for the first time, I feel that I’ve been writing a lot of Telltale-related sentences and stories recently. Still, I’m not complaining because I really enjoy what Telltale has been doing with narrative-driven games these last few years, and while its games occasionally have a hard time escaping narrative linearity, they are definitely fun to play. On October 20th, one of Telltale’s most surprising games, Tales From the Borderlands, is coming to an end with the fifth and final episode hitting our devices, and we have a short teaser too.

If you’ve been playing TFTB, you’ll know that this is probably the funniest of the Telltale narrative games, with some very entertaining characters and an escape from the mostly-gloomy episodic games the company has been developing (that moodiness will change, of course, when Minecraft: Story Mode hits next week). With the first episode now free to download and with the whole story coming to a conclusion, now is as good a time as ever to jump into Tales From the Borderlands.

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