‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’ Adds Multiplayer Next Week, Celebrates Anniversary With Sale

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The card game Sentinels of the Multiverse ($6.99) is often praised as a great co-op game with players joining forces (and decks) to fight against various villains. So, when its digital version hit the App Store almost exactly a year ago, many were disappointed to find that the game only had a single-player mode. Fear not, though, because Handelabra Games is about to remedy this (understandable) issue next week when the multiplayer update will finally be released. The update will be part of a huge ‘Sentinels of the Multiversary Party‘ to celebrate the one year anniversary of the digital edition. If all goes as planned, the update will release at some point on October 16th, so not long to wait if you’ve been itching to start playing the game with online friends.

The online multiplayer will launch with live (synchronous) cross platform play, text chat before, during, and after the match, Gamecenter login, and the ability to either create private games or play random online ones. Handelabra isn’t stopping here though; the developers are planning to add voice chat, async play, platform specific integration (e.g. inviting friends), DLC compatiblity packs, and so on. In celebration of the multiplayer update, the game will be on sale from October 16th-18th. Finally, the developers will have a weekend-long streaming party on their Twitch channel that might be a great way to learn the game. So, only a week to go before you can join your superhero friends.

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