‘Crossy Road’ Adds ‘Monument Valley’, ‘Shooty Skies’, and ‘Land Sliders’ Characters in Latest Update

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Despite the developers of Crossy Road (Free) putting out two new games in Pac-Man 256 (Free) and Shooty Skies (Free) in the past couple of months, there’s still plenty of room for the OG Crossy Road to get updates. And in fact, it just has gotten one, adding some new characters in. The big addition are three news Monument Valley ($3.99) characters. Ida, a crow, and the Storyteller are all able to be won through the lottery or purchased for $0.99 – and you can find the Totem in the game in much the same way you unlock the Hipster Whale.

Crossy Road Monument Valley

The Monument Valley characters also change the isometric angle of the game along with their own scenery. Like the other characters with unique scenery, it does a great job at mixing up the game and being thematically related to the character. Along with the Monument Valley characters, you can also unlock characters from Shooty Skies and Land Sliders (Free), who don’t get environment overhauls but do get little tweaks based on their games. Plus, if you haven’t gotten Pac-Man, you should do that, because he changes the game entirely.

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