NimbleBit Is Working on a ‘Sky Burger’ Update

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Are there people still reading TouchArcade who remember NimbleBit’s Sky Burger (Free)? If not, it was released back in 2009 and was the pseudo-sequel of sorts to Scoops (Free), a ice cream stacking tilt-controlled game. Scoops is exceedingly basic by today’s standards, but it was a hit when it came out and was among the first few games that put NimbleBit on the trajectory they’re on now. Sky Burger was an evolution of that formula, with slightly more in-depth gameplay that had you building huge burgers instead.

Here’s the original trailer if you truly have no idea what I’m talking about:

NimbleBit has been working on an update to Sky Burger which is going to feature totally new art, a bunch of new ingredients, and even a food truck you can upgrade with the money you earn in-game. They’re also adding more modern free to play elements into the game like being able to watch in-game ads for continues and other stuff we’ve come to expect in iOS games. I’m super curious to see how this update does, as Sky Burger is pretty close to what you could describe as a “retro" iOS game (or maybe “classic" would be a better word).

Will a new coat of graphical paint and other modern gameplay subsystems revitalize interest interest in such an old title? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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