‘Jetpack Joyride’ Gets “Back to the Future” Crossover Content Including the DeLorean, the Hoverboard and More

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Halfbrick is no stranger to movie crossover promotions with their games, and just in the past year have introduced limited time content in both Fruit Ninja ($1.99) and Monster Dash (Free) celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic ’80s flick Ghostbusters. Well, another classic ’80s movie, Back to the Future, is also celebrating its 30th anniversary, and to celebrate Halfbrick has stuffed the latest update to their action cave flyer Jetpack Joyride (Free) with all sorts of Back to the Future goodness.

Now, the original Back to the Future is 30 years old, but the new content in Jetpack Joyride mostly deals with stuff from Back to the Future II, which came out several years after the original. Semantics! Jetpack Joyride now features a special event separate from the normal mode, and similar to the recent Fruit Ninja 5-Year Anniversary mode, each run is timed which means you can run into stuff without instantly dying, though it will tick time off from the clock.

During this mode there are two special vehicles you can equip. First up is the iconic DeLorean time machine vehicle (the future one that flies!) and if you can ride in it long enough to “get up to 88mph" then it’ll teleport you forwards. The second vehicle is the Hoverboard. If you remember in the movie, 2015 is the year Doc and Marty travelled forward to, and hoverboards were totally a thing! A future thing! Well, that hasn’t exactly come true just yet, but at least you can rock one in Jetpack Joyride on your unimaginably-powerful-connected-to-all-the-information-and-people-in-the-world pocket computer.

During the special Back to the Future mode, you’ll collect floating Flux Capacitor icons which will allow you to unlock Doc Brown, Marty and Biff outfits. There’s also a new background during this mode which showcases 2015 Hill Valley along with landmarks like the Courthouse Clock Tower, the Jaws 19 3D hologram (hey, at least we have those in 2015, am I right?), and more. While the Back to the Future event sounds like it’s only for a limited time, you can buy a $9.99 IAP that’ll unlock all these various goodies in the normal Jetpack Joyride mode permanently.

I love Back to the Future, and I love Jetpack Joyride, and this crossover content does a great job of utilizing the movie license in a fun way with a lot of fun new content. Check it out!

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