Time to Get Growing in ‘Junk Jack X’ as Latest Update Adds Extensive Gardening System

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It seems like I’m running out of clever introductions to stories like this that convey just how much support and extra content gets added to Junk Jack X ($4.99) on an ongoing basis. So I’m just going to be boring with it: Junk Jack X continues to get a staggering amount of support and new content on an ongoing basis! The latest example of this is update 2.4.4 which just dropped today and adds an extensive gardening system into the game. It makes sense, I mean gardening is basically just crafting but for plants. Add a bit of this seed, a bit of that seed, and voila, you’ve got yourself a fancy new plant. The gardening system allows for more than 15,000 different types of plants, so you better get started now if you want to grow them all.


In addition to gardening, this update also adds a new planet called Mykon that has new placeable block types, new monsters, and new rare items and equipment. There’s also now a Tone Emitter device which you can obtain in order to compose music inside the game. Yes, you can garden to your own tunes, how cool is that!? Of course it wouldn’t be a Junk Jack update without an extensive list of other tweaks and fixes, and if you’re interested in the details you can check out the full changelog on Pixbits’ website. If you somehow haven’t heard of Junk Jack X before, it’s far and away the most robust and well-supported 2D sandbox/crafting/adventuring game on mobile, so if that sort of thing is your jam be sure to give it a look.

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