‘Crossy Road’ Meets Dungeon Crawlers in ‘Skeletomb’, Out Now

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This has turned out to be an incredibly busy week for releases, between the initial Out Now post, and then the follow-up one. Heck, the follow-up had games that kept showing up while I was compiling it. And the party doesn’t stop, as Skeletomb (Free) has made it out on to the App Store as a rare Friday release. We’ve chatted about this one before, but here’s the trailer if you’re unfamiliar:

This is a lot like Crossy Road (Free), but with more of a hack ‘n slash bent, as you roll through forests, dunegons, and other RPG-y environments, trying to get as far as possible, and slay some monsters along the way. While Crossy Road-meets-RPGs has been done before with The Quest Keeper (Free), this plays differently to that game. Monetization-wise, there aren’t any in-app purchases, just video ads to unlock new characters, and it’s free-to-download, so you’re out nothing but your time for trying this out.

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