‘The Angry Birds Movie’ First Trailer is Out, It’s all About Anger Management

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If you want to see how your favorite Angry Birds (Free) will look like on the big screen, here you go. Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the first trailer for the upcoming The Angry Birds Movie, giving us a sense of the way the birds and the pigs will clash when the movie comes out in a few months. As you can tell, the humor lines up with many other recent movies, and it will probably be entertaining for both young and older viewers. Unsurprisingly, a lot of what the trailer is about is anger management. Poor Red Bird, he’s just having a hard life and nothing is going his way. Perfectly original story.

What do you think of the trailer? Do the birds and pigs look like you thought they would? I’m pretty sure the movie will look nice on 3D, but I do have to wonder if this movie is coming out a few years too late as the whole Angry Birds craze has faded. The movie in all its anger releases May 2016. Let’s see what PETA will have to say about that.

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