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Gorgeous Stop-Motion Animation Puzzler ‘Lumino City’ is Coming to iOS

Lumino City is making the leap from desktop to iOS, and oh does it look like an impressive game. It has an impressive look to it that looks just like it was made out of cardboard, and then you see that oh, wait, it actually was made out of cardboard by hand. You need to see the trailer showing off how this game was made, because it’s a beautiful stop-motion animation film come to life in game form. It’s mind-blowing.

Seriously, I can’t wait to take that for a spin. Every single thing was apparently made using paper, cardboard, glue, miniature lights, and motors. While the game is out on PC and Mac right now, iOS players will soon get to try this out for themselves. You play as Lumi, solving mysteries in Lumino City, discovering more about her Grandad’s life. The touchscreen should make the tactile puzzles in the game better than ever, too. I’m excited for this one, and hope coming soon means really soon.