All ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Games are on Sale – Go Make a DIY Bundle

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Few games have the notoriety of the Grand Theft Auto franchise; if you were around when they started coming out, you’ll remember the uproar, all the newspaper articles (those were still a thing back then), and the news “experts" who decried all the violence and bad language. Fast forward a few years, and no one really blinks an eye anymore about these games, a sign of the times I suppose. GTA III ($4.99), GTA: Vice City ($4.99) , GTA: San Andreas ($6.99) have made the trip from consoles to the iOS streets these last few years, and Rockstar Games even made a GTA game specifically for playing on the go, GTA: Chinatown Wars ($4.99) which originally released on the Nintendo DS but was faithfully ported to mobile.

Despite some touchscreen limitations, these GTA games play pretty well on mobile, and if you haven’t got some or all of them, Rockstar Games’ limited time sale can help you remedy that since almost all the games are half price. You can get all GTA games for $2.99 each except GTA: San Andreas, which is $4.99 currently. Since, surprisingly, Rockstar hasn’t bundled these games up, this lovely sale can help you make your own bundle and get on your mobile devices some of the most legendary games ever. Don’t delay, though, because like in every good heist, time is of the essence.

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