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‘Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey’ Gets New Trailer and More ‘Final Fantasy’ Veterans

Kobojo’s Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey, the impressive-looking RPG being developed by a multi-national team, including some Final Fantasy veterans, has a new trailer and a new developer collaboration announced. CyDesignation is leading the art production for Zodiac. CyDesignation is a Japanese studio led by Hideo Minaba, who was the graphics supervisor for Final Fantasy VI ($14.99) and worked several other Final Fantasy games, and eventually moved on to form this studio, and he has worked on Terra Battle (Free) in particular for mobile. Check out a trailer with some of the studio’s work here:

The game looked amazing back at TGS, and the production values still look fantastic for this one. The game will be releasing as a paid title, after there was discussion of whether to make it paid or free-to-play. And the release is expected to be very soon: October is the date mentioned for when we can see this one eventually be released on iOS. I’m definitely excited for this one.