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‘CSI: Slots’ is a Video Game

You know those novelty dice that are a staple anywhere that sells dumb overpriced gifts for bachelor/bachelorette parties? I feel like a set of those have to exist for iOS game development. On one die, various popular IP’s your studio has access to. On the other, popular mobile game types. Gameloft totally could have rolled something like, say, The Amazing Spider Man and Farm Builder, but instead, the dice landed on CSI and Casino Game. Once you invoke the dice, there’s no take backs, and much like a monkey’s paw, once you dive in you’re stuck with whatever accursed results the universe throws your way.

So, yeah, CSI: Slots. It’s definitely a video game. I’m sure it’ll do really well too, as every time something like this comes along that seems totally crazy people go wild downloading it. And, who knows, maybe when it’s released next week, spinning slot machine reels to interrogate suspects will make complete sense. There’s a bunch of mini games too which you can get a brief glimpse of in the trailer.

This game makes me wish good ol’ Brad Nicholson was still writing for us. I can almost hear him saying “WHAT?" Anyway, if you want more details on this particular title, it seems like the CSI: Slots Facebook page is the place to be.