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‘Rust Bucket’ is Nitrome’s Upcoming Roguelike Follow-Up to ‘Turnament’ and ‘Ending’

Nitrome’s got a bunch of games in the works that they’re both publishing and developing, and they’ve just announced a new one called Rust Bucket. A pixel-art-centric turn-based roguelike, they shared a GIF of the game on Twitter, and I just had to find out more. Thankfully, Nitrome was forthcoming: this will be a sequel to their Flash game Turnament (but retitled to a name that’s easier to search for). The game is developed by Nitrome’s Aaron Steed, who you might know as the developer of the well-received Ending ($1.99) from a while back.

Expect this one to be a progression of what Turnament and Ending brought to the table, so there’s plenty of reason to be excited about this one. And this promises to be bigger than either of those two games, so this is definitely a game to be hyped about.