Adventuring for Cheap – ‘Blackwell 1: Legacy’ is Free for the First Time, ‘Blackwell 2’ and ‘Blackwell 3’ are Half Off

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If you enjoy adventure games, get that credit card, gift card, or whatever else you use ready because Wadjet Eye Games’ Blackwell series is going for cheap, probably in anticipation of the fourth part of the series, Blackwell 4: Deception, coming to iOS September 24th. If you haven’t played any of the Blackwell games, Wadjet Eye Games’ lovely series consists of 5 games and the plot revolves around a spiritual medium, Rosangela Blackwell, and her spirit guide Joey Mallone. Together, they help ghosts transition to the afterlife (very The Sixth Sense-like story, in a way). The whole “I see dead people" hasn’t been done in adventure games much, so the Blackwell series is definitely original when it comes to its core concept.

This series has been universally praised, and people in our forums all loved playing it. Wadjet Eye Games has made a name for itself for making excellent adventure games that harken back to the golden age of the genre while not feeling outdated. At the moment, Blackwell 1: Legacy ($2.99) is free for the first time, while Blackwell 2: Unbound ($3.99) and Blackwell 3: Convergence ($3.99) are half off. If you enjoy adventure games, now’s your chance to binge play for cheap in anticipation of the fourth game of the series.

  • Blackwell 1: Legacy

    The first game in Wadjet Eye's Blackwell mystery adventure series. Rosa Blackwell's humdrum life is turned upside-down…
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