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Beautiful Trading Card Game ‘Mabinogi Duel’ Has Soft-Launched

Mabinogi Duel, a trading card game based on the MMO Mabinogi, has just soft launched in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Malaysia. If you haven’t heard of Mabinogi, the MMO game launched in 2008 and was supposed to also come to consoles but never did. According to the press release today, Mabinogi Duel is a TCG for both casual and hardcore players. The soft launch includes a long single-player campaign set in a fantasy world of elves, goblins, warriors, and witches (very original indeed), a PvP Arena for real-time PvP battles and PvP events, and a Real Card Trading system that allows players to trade their cards with other players via the Soul Link system.

I haven’t played Mabinogi Duel yet, but according to members of our forums, the battle system is deep but the game lacks some content at the moment. What everyone agrees though is that the game is gorgeous, which you can also see from the teaser video. I will probably give this game a try simply because I like TCGs and because I want to check out its trading system and see how it works. If you have an iTunes account in any of the areas I’ve mentioned and you like TCGs, I think you probably want to check this game out. For the rest, the game should release globally before the end of the year.