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JOY Entertainment Announces MOBA-RPG Hybrid ‘We Are Heroes’

We’re quickly seeing the MOBA genre starting to expand into the RPG genre, as games like Heroes Charge (Free) claim MOBA influences, NetEase has a MOBA-RPG hybrid in the works with Eternal Arena, and now JOY Entertainment has We Are Heroes in the works. The game has you rolling out wih a selection of three heroes, seemingly going from encounter to encounter, with minions on each side to fight. Just how well this adapts the MOBA trappings is going to be a good question, but regardless, it looks like an interesting mix:

The game will feature not only a singleplayer campaign, but also asynchronous PvP, and a real-time PvP MOBA mode, so while the RPG leveling aspect won’t mean you get the extreme balance that MOBAs aspire toward, you get a more personalized experience. That RPGs can also be more easily monetized than balanced MOBAs doesn’t hurt either, I imagine! JOY Entertainment is expecting to release this one at the end of the year or so, and they’re looking for feedback from our readers in the forums.