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Pixel Art Speed Painting Becomes a Game in ‘Pixel 8’

Who doesn’t love with a pixel art Bob Ross-esque fellow? That’s the promise of Pixel 8, a game that’s about speed-painting pixel art. You’re given a pixel painting, and you must recreate it exactly in the time given. If you find it difficult to tell apart different shades of colors, well, this might be a bit of a challenge for you! But even if you can tell them apart, can you put the necessary pieces of the painting together in a hurry? And there’s also a 3-star rating system for faster times, so you better be really good! It’s a clever little concept, I must admit.

The game is a lot more about color recognition and execution of the tasks necessary than any kind of puzzle-solving like a Picross game, but still, I see a bit of crossover there. Maybe it’s just the grid, but Picross games are also about solving puzzles on a grid in a certain amount of time, although this has fewer mysteries. The developers at Playing with Giants will be releasing this one as a free download this Thursday, September 17th. There’s a forum thread to check out for the game if you’re interested in chatting with the developers ahead of release!