‘Infinity Blade III’ Goes Free For The First Time, Don’t Miss Out On This One

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Let’s start with the essential information: the gorgeous and classic Infinity Blade III ($6.99) is free for the first time ever, and you should definitely get it. Why? Let me explain the game’s history a bit. When the original Infinity Blade ($5.99) came out on iOS, it really surprised everyone with how good it looked; not many thought that companies could bring the Unreal Engine to the iPhone. The game soon became the go-to game for showing off your mobile device’s capabilities to wide-eyed friends. In addition to its fantastic visuals, Infinity Blade introduced swiping combat to mobile devices, a system that’s been used in so many games ever since and had some players enjoying it and some players complaining about its relative simplicity.


By the time Infinity Blade III came out in 2013, the franchise was considered the gold standard for iOS gaming, and the third game of the series didn’t disappoint as it pushed the limits of our devices while delivering a much more entertaining game than the previous two. No wonder we gave it 5 stars when we reviewed it. If you have played the previous two games, then you should conclude the trilogy for sure, and if you haven’t played any of the Infinity Blade games, now’s your chance to start with the best of the three. Don’t drag your feet, though, it might not be on sale for much longer.

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