New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Mucho Taco’, ‘Devastator’, ‘Skilltree Saga’ and More

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If you woke up and haven’t checked your calendar yet today, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The good news is it’s Wednesday and there’s a ton of new iOS games coming tonight to download. The bad news is, the grand council that determines whether or not this week is in fact weak is busy waiting for the keynote to start… So we might not have an authoritative answer as to where this week lies on the meh-o-meter until later today.

I’m most excited for Mucho Taco, but mainly just so I can experience a taste of the secret sauce that Noodlecake has cooked up to make even the biggest vocally outspoken haters of clickers love Mucho Taco. Also, who doesn’t like tacos? If you don’t, well, good news, there’s a bunch of other games coming out tonight that might not offend your delicate culinary sensibilities:

…Aaaand that’s the list as of this writing. I’ll try to keep it updated throughout the day but I’m guessing since today is a keynote day, chances are releases will be a little light. Either way, stay tuned for the full roundup later tonight around 11:00 PM Eastern!

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