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‘Thumb Drift’ is the Next Game from ‘One More Line’ Developers SMG

SMG’s hard at work at a bunch of stuff right now, and they were at PAX Prime in the Indie Minibooth demoing a fun four-player version of One More Line (Free). They’re also still figuring out what to do with some of the games we saw back at GDC, such as One More Bounce, but they do have a mobile game in the works very soon: Thumb Drift. Check out some hands-on footage from the PAX Prime show floor:

Basically, the game has you trying to control a drifting car around twisty courses, trying not to die. There are three different courses, each providing their own challenges. You can play the game with just your thumb swiping across the screen to steer, though it’s not going to be easy to control the game as your car is tuned for MAXIMUM DRIFTING ACTION. It’s fun and it will be free to play, with coins used to unlock new cars. Oh, and SMG is looking for beta testers for the game