Indie RPG ‘Fall Of Angels ‘ Returns To The App Store In Expanded Form

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It’s sadly a normal way of life for the App Store that games sometimes disappear, particularly in the case of older indie titles. Sometimes they come back, usually they don’t. So when Fall Of Angels, one of the older 3D JRPG-style games on the App Store, went missing earlier this year, I thought we might have seen the last of it. Fortunately, the developer was pretty swift in swinging by the TouchArcade forums to explain the situation, and while that version of the game is indeed gone, it’s been replaced with a shiny, new version called Fall Of Angels HD ($2.99), complete with lots of new content.

Basically, the original version of Fall Of Angels was badly out of date, so the developer pulled it. He then decided to invest in a new version with a bunch of updates. The graphics have been improved with additional details and a higher resolution, the size of the world and various areas have been increased with new side-quests added, additional puzzles and new items are available, dialogue has been expanded, and the combat system has received an overhaul to make it more strategic and exciting. Think of it as a special edition, of sorts. And there are still no IAP shenanigans of any sort. This is an older trailer for the PC version of the game, but is still a good representation of what Fall Of Angels is like in motion.

The downside is that yes, you will have to buy it again if you want all of these updated features. The new version of the game goes for $2.99, which is a pretty fair price for what you get. In better news, the developer has provided TouchArcade with a bunch of codes for the game, which I’ll be distributing through the @RPGReload Twitter account and on my Saturday Morning Mobcrush stream. For those who can’t snag a code, or don’t want to, you can pick up the game right now in the App Store.

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