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‘Blocky Highway’ is an Endless Runner that Actually Looks Interesting, Coming this Thursday

Ok, behind the back endless runners are a tough sell in today’s App Store. It’s just been done to death, you know? Anyway, every once in a while a developer will come along and do something really neat with the idea of an endless runner. That’s the feeling I got when I watched the trailer for Blocky Highway, from developer Dogbyte Games. Check it out and see if it similarly piques your interest.

Springboards over trains? Loading your vehicle onto the back of a super powerful big rig? Hitching a ride from a helicopter? Blocky Highway looks awesome! It doesn’t hurt that I’ve really enjoyed some of Dogbyte’s previous efforts like the Offroad Legends games and the hill climb-style racer Blocky Roads. Plus, with tons of neat vehicles to unlock and collect, what’s not to love? Blocky Highway is set to launch this Thursday for free, meaning it should hit the US App Store tomorrow night.