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EA Releases First Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’, a Hero Collecting Game with Turn-Based Battling

Back at E3 in June, EA announced Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes with very few details beyond a logo and a vague description of it being a collectible card game, or CCG. Well, today EA has released the first trailer for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and it’s definitely in the realm of a CCG but a bit more dressed up. Let’s call it a collectible character game instead. Check out the trailer.

The coolest thing about Galaxy of Heroes is that it spans all the various parts of the larger Star Wars universe. So you’ll be able to create teams using characters from, for example, the original Star Wars trilogy, the Clone Wars animated spinoff, or even the more recent Star Wars Rebels animated show. So does that mean we’ll be able to create crazy time paradox teams like young Anakin Skywalker from Phantom Menace and grown-up Darth Vader? Or, an even more important question, what about Jar Jar?? We’ll get answers to these questions and more when Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes launches later this year.