PAX Prime 2015: ‘Vainglory’ Introduces Skye and New Seasons Structure

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Vainglory (Free) is trucking along with more content being added to the game regularly, with a new character being added, and a big structural change to online ranks and their upcoming resets. Skye is the latest character, and is a tribute to the Korean style of Vainglory play, which is very high-risk and aggressive, according to Super Evil Megacorp. Skye can target lock on to enemies, with the ability to use a strafe fire attack, the ability to quickly teleport around her target, and to drop a large barrage of missiles from the sky. She rewards reading the battles and how your teammates are doing in a fight, as she can wipe out multiple opponents at once, or be wiped out in a blaze of glory. She definitely represents a unique character among the roster currently available. Expect to play as her soon.

The other big thing coming this fall is that the game is now shifting to a seasonal model, where every 3 months or so, ranks will reset. This has the advantage of making it so that players can’t just get to the top of the rankings based on if the game is imbalanced or if they were good at one time when it was easier to ascend the ranks. But now, the game will also have a sort of virtual trophy case for your achievements, where if you reach certain ranks, and complete certain long-term tasks, you’ll have a monument to your success. This will include the sort of season-zero that’s existed up until this point, so if you got to a high rank before the seasons were introduced, you’ll still have a monument to your successes. The first season starts in October.

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