Seasonal Ranked Play Announced for ‘Vainglory’

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While fans of the game are eagerly awaiting the unveil of Vainglory’s (Free) newest hero, Skye, the folks at Super Evil Megacorp made a pretty significant announcement about the mobile MOBA this morning.

The biggest news is the unveiling of Vainglory Seasons, which looks to add a lot more replayability to the current ranked mode available. Essentially, Vainglory will divide the calendar year into quarters and players will be able to earn exclusive rewards and achievements for playing within the season. At the conclusion of each season, player ranks associated with seasonal play will assumedly reset, new achievements/awards will be offered, and the cycle begins anew.

While some of the achievements will be focused on skill tier obtained, there will also be rewards focused on simply playing the game (which I’m assuming won’t require you to play ranked games). In this regard, Super Evil Megacorp hopes to have something for all types of players, whether they be high-end competitive players or folks that simply enjoy playing casual matches. Rewards aren’t limited to solo play either, as team competitive skill will also be a contributing factor to rewards in some fashion.

To celebrate the launch of the first Vainglory Season, all players are being encouraged to do some Ranked Play for the month of September to earn your highest skill tier. Once the first season starts, your ending tier in regular ranked play will be turned into a permanent trophy that will be stored in a new ‘Trophy Room’ attached to your profile. It’s a pretty nice way to immortalize the last year of ranked play, but I’m sure some folks are not going to be happy to give up their skill tier once the first season launches.

As someone that doesn’t really engage in ranked play, I like this move because it will certainly encourage me to check it out. As it is I’m always afraid of losing my rank but if it’s reset every quarter, at least that’ll give me motivation to play in that mode again. There are a few questions lingering about Vainglory Seasons, such as how Elo will interact with constantly resetting ranks and what types of rewards/achievements will be available beyond trophies (exclusive skins would be nice), but I’m sure more info will be coming soon as the first season launches in October.

Meanwhile, the official Skye unveil is slated to occur on the developer’s Twitch channel later today. As always stick with us (or watch us on Mobcrush) for more on this pretty awesome MOBA.

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