Square Enix’s Masterpiece RPG ‘Dragon Quest 5’ Goes On Sale For The First Time

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Last week saw the much-anticipated release of Square Enix’s ultra-hit RPG Final Fantasy 7 ($15.99), but the nature of the port is causing some mixed feelings among fans. If you’re one of those players feeling a little disappointed in that particular release, let me salve your wounds with some nice, soothing RPG balm. Square Enix’s fantastic port of the superb Dragon Quest 5 ($14.99) has gone on sale for the first time ever, down from its usual “very-much-worth-it" price of $14.99 to a “how-can-you-not-buy-it" price of $9.99.

Dragon Quest 5 is regarded by many series fans, including myself, to be the peak of the franchise. It tells a touching story of one person’s life, from childhood all the way through parenthood. It doesn’t just lean on its story, however. The game also introduced monster-catching mechanics, allowing you to fill out your party with the enemies you meet along the way. In most other regards, it’s a fairly typical Dragon Quest game, meaning it’s a whole lot of JRPG comfort food. If you want more information on the game, please check out my review. It’s one of my very favorite RPGs of all-time.

So far, there’s no word on how long the game will be on sale, or even the reason why. If I had to guess, I think the world is enjoying the benefits of a promotion on behalf of the Japanese release of Dragon Quest 8 ($19.99) for the 3DS, which means the sale probably won’t go for more than a handful of days. If you’ve been holding out on adding this wonderful game to your collection, now’s as good a time as any to jump in.

Oh, and as usual, if the price change isn’t showing up correctly on this page, please take my word for it and head to the App Store. I assure you, it’s on sale.


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