The Version 2.0 Update For ‘Geometry Dash’ Just Hit The App Store

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Fans have been waiting for a while for the 2.0 update for Geometry Dash ($1.99) to hit the App Store. Well, I hope your well-trained fingers aren’t too tired to jam on that update button, because Geometry Dash 2.0 is now live and ready to go. As you might expect from the bump in version number, this is a pretty big update that includes quite a bit of new content for RobTop Games’ hit ultra-hard action-platformer.

Looking through the patch notes, players can look forward to a new regular level, a new Demon level, and a new Robot game mode. There’s also a new user coin system for custom levels. With part of the game’s hook being the custom levels, you would expect some new toys to play with there, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Teleportation portals and moving objects should give level designers plenty of new possibilities for vexing players. The editing tools have seen a major overhaul, and should now offer more options and be easier to use. Another big addition is that of a friends system. You’ll be able to compare scores on a leaderboard with your friends and even send private messages to one another in-game. These are just a few of the new things in this massive update, but there’s plenty more that I’m not going to list here for space reasons. If you want to read the complete notes, you can check Geometry Dash’s Facebook page.

Geometry Dash is the subject of one of the biggest threads ever in the TouchArcade forums, so feel free to join in there if you’re new to the game or are just looking for other fans to chat with. It’s great to see a big, free update like this for a game that is both a hit commercially and with its fans.

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