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Clickers and Tacos Together at Last as ‘Mucho Taco’ Arrives September 10th

This past Cinco de Mayo, Noodlecake Games and developer One Simple Idea thought it would be apropos to announce their upcoming game Mucho Taco, a game that blends the tried and true clicker gameplay with the universe’s greatest ever food. Technically, “clicker" might not be the right descriptor, as Mucho Taco uses a swiping gesture to simulate making tacos. Idle swiper? Is that a thing? Besides actually making the tacos themselves, you’ll also be growing and managing your Mexican restaurant empire by opening and upgrading new restaurants that will passively collect tacos for you. So many tacos. Here’s a trailer detailing all this Mucho Taco goodness.

I have a soft spot for idle clickers, but you can only have so many at once, you know? While I have yet to play Mucho Taco, I do know for a fact that there’s no other games about tacos in my folder of clicker games, so I expect to have to give at least one of them the boot when Mucho Taco arrives. You can’t compete with tacos. Speaking of it arriving, Mucho Taco will launch in the App Store on September 10th, so there’s only a couple more weeks of waiting until you can fill all of your free time with tacos.