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‘Hecticube’ is Like Reverse Pong with Bullets, Releasing Next Month

Graham Reid has announced a release date and revealed a new trailler for his upcoming game Hecticube. This is a one-or-two player game with same device multiplayer that can be best described as reverse Pong meets Dual (Free) – perhaps ignoring that Dual recently got a Pong-inspired mode. But the core here is that you’re trying not to have your paddle hit the ball bouncing around the levels. If it hits you three times, it’s game over. Thankfully you have the ability to shoot a bunch of shots; you can fire two different shots at a time, with the ability to fire one big shot by tapping-and-holding.

The game has both a single-device multiplayer mode, along with a singleplayer mode that is not easy, because the computer opponent is relentless. It’s actually good practice to take on a real-world opponent. The game supports phones and tablets, but is probably better on a tablet just because of the extra room. This one is expected to release on September 9th.