Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ Event Invades ‘Marvel Future Fight’ and ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’

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Ever since its inception, game publishers have fought tooth and nail each week to win the ultimate prize: the coveted Update Mondays Most Spider-Mans Of The Week award. It’s a prestigious award, and it looks like two of Marvel’s very own are soon going to be locked in a battle to bathe in its youth-imbuing properties. Marvel is having a little event right now in their comic books called Secret Wars. No, not the one where Spidey got his symbiote suit, with the easy-to-break Doc Ock toy. No, not the one with the omnipotent being wearing a white leisure suit and Hasslehoff hair. No, not even that one where everyone wore the weird stealth costumes and took orders from Nick Fury for whatever reason. The new one! The one that is going to leave the Marvel Universe with a fresh, streamlined continuity, a play that succeeds literally every time a comic company tries it! It’s such a big event, it’s naturally going to be spilling into the various Marvel games, and the first ones to be hit with the content will be Marvel Future Fight (Free) and Spider-Man Unlimited (Free).

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the creative director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann revealed that the two games will be getting major updates on August 26th, which according to my time circuits is today. Future Fight will be seeing a few new characters join the game, accompanied by a ton of new costumes for existing characters. The new characters include She-Hulk, Singularity, and Sister Grimm, and the characters getting new Secret Wars-themed costumes are Angela, Black Widow, Bullseye, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Groot, Iron Man, Kingpin, Maestro, Spider-Man, and Venom. Yikes, that’s quite the crew! There will also be a new tournament event added called Taskmaster’s Killiseum, which is a pretty awesome name by any measure.


Spider-Man Unlimited has been struggling a little recently, bringing back old events like the Valentine’s Day event and so on. At first I thought they were biding for time, but it’s clear now that time and space itself are colliding, causing anachronisms such as that. Its Secret Wars update adds an alliance mode and starts a storyline connected to Spider-Island, which means everyone is Spider-Mans if Gameloft wants. Peter Parker! Mary Jane! Black Cat! Carlie Cooper! Silver Sable! One of the Spider-Womans that hasn’t already been added to the game! Let it never be said that this is not the Marvel Age of digging for characters, True Believers! Better still, a follow-up update will be coming in September built around the “Renew Your Vows" story. That one will add Agent Venom, Madame Web, and Annie Parker to the playable cast. Yes, you’ll be able to run, climb, and swing across the New York skyline as Madame Web. Sounds good to me, but where’s my Spider-Ham, Gameloft?

As of this writing, the update for Marvel Future Fight appears to be available in all territories, but we’re still waiting to see the Spider-Man Unlimited update. It should be coming any time though, so keep an eye on your Updates tab in the App Store!

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