A New Version of Shenandoah Studios’ ‘Battle of the Bulge’ Launching September 17th

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As you might know, Shenandoah Studio, one of the premier strategy game developers on mobile, had gone silent after being acquired by Slitherine, surfacing only briefly last April. Now, we finally have concrete info about the company’s plans. Battle of the Bulge ($9.99), Shenandoah’s first game and easily one of the best strategy games on mobile, will relaunch on September 17th on PC, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The game’s engine has been ported to a different technology to allow multi-platform support, and a cross-platform multiplayer system has been added along with Slitherine’s new tournaments system launched last month. The game also features a re-designed AI for both Axis and Allies sides, one of the very few criticisms some had about Battle of the Bulge, and a new PC-like save feature that offers more slots per battle, a welcome change since the original game had one save slot only.

I’m glad that Battle of the Bulge is coming back renewed because, to be honest, I’ve been thinking recently about how much I enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of that game when it came out; I had some titanic battles, probably the best ones I’ve ever had on mobile. I am slightly cautious, though, about the multiplayer aspect of the new version. I’m glad that they are adding cross-platform support and tournaments, but I’ve never been too crazy about Slitherine’s PBEM system and found Shenandoah’s original multiplayer mode much smoother. Hopefully my trepidation will be unfounded, we’ll see. No mention whether the new game will be an update to the original or a new purchase.


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