‘The Grand Tournament’, The New Expansion For ‘Hearthstone’, is Out!

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Well, there we go everyone, no more waiting, no more anticipating, no more counting the days, the nights, the minutes, the hours, and everything else countable, no more playing with those old Hearthstone (Free) cards, the dusty, dirty ones. Now, we officially have new, shiny, fancy-looking cards to play with as the new expansion, The Grand Tournament, has just officially released in North America. If you have bought the pre-order packs, you have 50 new surprises to unveil, and if you didn’t go for that, I’m sure you’ve stored enough gold to buy at least a few packs. Either way, those new cards have cried for freedom for too long; it’s time to release them.


If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who were able to throw some money Blizzard’s way to buy packs, most people will be streaming in order to share (flaunt) their new cards with the world, so you can always tune in and see the new cards in action. I plan on streaming on our Mobcrush channel later today and open (flaunt) my 50 packs, so keep an eye out for that if you want to see how lucky, or unlucky I’ll get. I wish you all good luck with your new packs; may you get cards that are actually good and will fit in the decks you like to play. Now excuse me, time to go play some Hearthstone.

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