‘Pokemon Shuffle Mobile’ Has Just Hit The Japanese App Store!

280px-English_Pokémon_logo.svgAnd just like that, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile has landed in the Japanese App Store. If you haven’t played the game, The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a puzzle game where you match three or more Pokemon to battle against wild Pokemon. In other words, yes, this is a Match-3 kind of game. According to the game’s description, you can play the game casually, but you can also battle, collect, and level up Pokemon, a feature that perhaps makes the game deeper than most casual Match-3 games. The game appeals to both beginner and expert players, always according to The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is F2P, and has already been released in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS.

As you can tell, many will get very excited about this news. Now, this game might be too casual for many, but with such a recognizable theme as Pokemon, this game should be a fun one. Although the game is only out in Japan, I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops into the US App Store very soon. We’ll keep you up to date once we know more. For now, if you have a Japan account, go enjoy some Pokemon battles.