‘Final Fantasy Portal’ Just Released, Includes ‘Triple Triad’ And Free ‘Final Fantasy 1’

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At long last, that Final Fantasy game we’ve all been waiting for has hit the App Store. Yes, that’s right, Triple Triad is finally officially available on the App Store through Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy Portal (Free) app. Oh, and for a limited time, you can also download a free copy of Final Fantasy 1, in case you don’t already own it. What’s not to like?

In case you’re interested in the Portal app itself, it’s basically a one-stop shop for Final Fantasy information direct from Square Enix themselves. If you sign in with your Square Enix account, you can earn points by reading news, watching videos, and playing games. Those points can be exchanged for items like wallpapers and other digital goods. Sure, that sounds fun!

Of course, the real prize here is that you can play the smartphone F2P version of Triple Triad, the card game featured in Final Fantasy 8. It’s a pretty fun version of the game, even if it’s not exactly as remembered. The free copy of Final Fantasy 1 that they’re giving out for a certain period of time certainly doesn’t hurt, either. It’s identical to the full-priced version of the game available separately in the App Store, and if you already bought it before, well, now you can have double the save slots. That freebie is only available through August 31st, so you might want to get on it.


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