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‘Ski Safari 2’ Hits the Slopes Next Week

Australian-based Sleepy Z Studios has announced that they’re releasing a sequel to Ski Safari ($0.99), called Ski Safari 2. Of course, because Ski Safari: Adventure Time ($0.99) exists, this is technically the third Ski Safari game, but hey, numbers are meaningless. The iPhone 6 is the 8th or 9th iPhone depending on if you count the 5c. Sonic 4 wasn’t the 4th Sonic game. Sequel numbering is dead. Regardless, this is a new Ski Safari game, and you can check out a trailer below:

Expect all sorts of new things: a new female protagonist named Evana to go along with Sven is playable. You can now perform swipe-based tricks, ride snowboards, and play in three different environments. Interestingly, there’s a new 4-player local multiplayer mode where you can race against other players in two different modes. A new photo sharing feature takes advantage of the game’s 3D visuals by allowing you a variety of controls for stylish shots. Ski Safari 2 releases on August 27th for $1.99.